About Me


Hello and welcome! I am Sophie.

I am a certified Sophrologist and I love helping people awake their inner potential.

At the Wiser Self, I welcome anyone who wishes to learn easy tools to be more present, content and to develop positivity and insight into their life.  

I started my Sophrology journey in 2015. 

Sophrology has been a great help to me, particularly through a difficult and stressful period in my life. Using these simple techniques, I have become more positive about life and the future and better able to manage my emotions. It has helped me to become more grounded and to listen to what I really wanted in life, to discover myself. 

I have found it so powerful and empowering and I wanted to share this method with you, to help you take control of your lives, be more present, content and positive. 

I work in different fields:

  • Sleep and Stress management: helping you to better manage your emotions and stress by teaching you easy tools to reduce anxiety and bring you relaxation, inner calm and inner peace. 
  • Wellbeing: helping you to feel balanced and in harmony with your body, mind & spirit. Bring positivity into your life. 
  • Personal development: helping you to discover and reach your full inner potential. 



I am very grateful to have had the opportunity of being trained by Florence Parot (Director of the Sophrology Academy and President of the Fédération des Ecoles Professionnelles de Sophrologie FEPS) as well as by other inspiring Sophrologists.

I am a member of The Sophrology Network.

I specialise working with people who suffers from stress. 

We all experience stress differently. Stress can create multiple symptoms such as body tensions, headaches, anxiety, difficulties sleeping, difficulties managing emotions or anger, low self-esteem, constant worries, etc.

Sophrology is an ideal method to cope with modern life stress because it is very easy to use, can be practice anywhere and only require few minutes everyday.

Wherever you are and whatever time you have, you can use the techniques learned during the sessions to bring focus, calm and positivity.

Everyone can empower their life through a regular practice of Sophrology. 

The idea is to learn through each session the techniques that are best suited to you so that you can re-use them on your own and integrate them to your lifestyle.

It will help you relax deeply, gain control over stress in you everyday life and help you find inner calm.
Moreover, Sophrology's simple techniques will enable you to build up your positivity, develop your awareness and emotional resilience to move through life challenges with ease and positivity, to awake your inner resources to reach your goal and to live a more midful and enjoyable life. 

My aim is to support you in your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.





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