About Sophrology


What is Sophrology?

Sophrology means “the science of consciousness in harmony”. It is a method to develop conscious awareness, to train the mind and the body for harmony and to awake your inner potential. 

This unique and structured method also called “dynamic relaxation” is based on techniques such as 

  • concentration and meditation exercises, 
  • breathing techniques, 
  • relaxation exercises, 
  • visualisations and 
  • simple body movements.

Sophrology is a philosophy and a way of life. The exercises are simple, easy to learn and to use in an everyday life environment. 

Sophrology is a holistic therapy. This method is implemented to train your mind and your body for wellbeing. Through the practice of the Sophrology’s exercises, you allow your mind to calm down and your body to relax, you feel more grounded to the here and now allowing you a better control over your emotions and access a state of inner happiness and inner harmony. 

Sophrology is also a personal development technic composed of 12 levels allowing you through time and regular practice to develop your level of consciousness and increase your self-awareness.

We work on the three-dimensionality of mind, emotions, body and past, present, future.

We concentrate on positive elements inside us, on our positive inner resources in our present, future and past that enable us to strengthen and reinforce our self to discover our inner resources and reach our full inner potential. 

We learn to be more in tune with the world around us and more aware of our body and bring harmony between body, mind and spirit. We learn to live in full consciousness and to understand and be fully aware of our Existential Values. 

Created in the 60’s by professor Alfonso Caycedo who was neuro-psychiatrist, 

It is a blend of:

  • Western technics: Hypnosis, Phenomenology and Relaxation
  • Eastern practices: Yoga, Zen and Buddhist Meditation

It is an ideal mix of tools and techniques from different worlds that can be adapted in any situation.

Only recently introduced to the UK, Sophrology is very popular in Europe (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain… ) and has been widely used for more than 55 years in health center, hospitals, schools, companies, sports coaching etc. 

Sophrology is practiced in a large variety of fields such as relaxation, wellbeing, personal development, for training purposes in sport and learning. It is used in the work environment. In Medicine, Sophrology is practiced in obstetric as it is a wonderful method to prepare for birth, in pain management, for psychotherapies, depression, phobias, addictions, anxiety, sleep disorders etc. 


A method for everyone.

Sophrology is very flexible, adaptable and simple to learn.

It can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, physical ability, origins and beliefs. 

Everyone can empower their life through a regular practice of Sophrology.

The idea is to learn through each session the tools and techniques that are best suited to you so that you can re-use them on your own and integrate them to your lifestyle to make your everyday life easier, more conscious and more enjoyable.

The method offered is adapted to everyone and void of judgement and pre-conceive ideas. We allow ourselves to live our sensations, we invite them in with no pre-conceived ideas, no interpretation, no judgement. We learn to let things come, to be more in tune with ourselves.

"Sophrology is a school of freedom on the path to awareness."


The benefits of Sophrology in your everyday life.

Are you stressed, anxious, not sleeping?

Sophrology’s simple techniques will enable you to build up your positivity, develop your awareness and emotional resilience to move through life challenges with ease and positivity, to awake your inner resources to reach your goals and to live a more mindful and enjoyable life. 

Through the practice of Sophrology, learn to become the best version of yourself and transform positively your life.