How to practise Sophrology?

During the session.

A session is guided in a comfortable sitting or standing posture with eyes preferably closed to focus inside yourself. 

During the session, I will guide you vocally:

  • First through a deep relaxation: a physical and mental relaxation implying putting your level of consciousness between the waking state and sleep, allowing you to be deeply relaxed but remain alert. Your inner « mind chatter » quiets down in order to connect with our wiser intuitive mind. 
  •  Then through a series of specific exercise such as simple movements, breathing techniques, concentration exercises and visualisation relating to your defined goal. 

An average of 5 to 6 sessions is recommended to allow you time to integrate the techniques. Each sessions last for 1 hour.

It is highly recommended to practise the exercises daily at home to ensure an optimum efficiency and help you to reach your desire state.

After each session, you will learn tools that can be easily integrated to your lifestyle to help you reach your define goal in your daily life.

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