The benefits of Sophrology

Benefits for individuals

- improve general health and well-being,

- bring harmony and inner happiness, 

- reduce stress and anxiety,

- improve self-confidence and self-esteem,

- help to let go of limiting beliefs, worry, fear, sadness or guilt,

- help to control emotions and anger,

- help to keep calm and in control in challenging situations,  

- improve focus and concentration,

- improve sleep and relaxation,

- bring calm and peace,

- improve ability to be in control,

- reduce pain level,

- awake your inner potential: discover a deeper sense of who you truly are and what you really want in life, 

- help feel more conscious and positive about your life and the future. 

Benefits for children and students

- improve health and wellbeing,

- reduce stress and anxiety,

- boost self-confidence,

- improve self-esteem, 

- help managing and deal with emotions (anger and frustrations), 

- reduce fears and worries,

- improve calm and relaxation, 

- increase memory and concentration,

- reduce attention problems,

- prepare for exams, events...

Benefits for businesses

- stress and burnout management,

- improve health and wellbeing, 

- reduce repetitive strain injuries and injuries at work,

- managing performance and energy levels,

- team building,

- preparing for interviews and public speaking,

- emotions management,

- developing creativity,

- self-development and interpersonal skills,

- help to manage working under pressure,

- improve motivation and self-confidence,

- improve concentration and focus.

Benefits for sport professionals and performers

- improve self-confidence and motivation, 

- improve concentration and awareness,

- improve performance,

- help to regulate energy levels, 

- help for technical difficulties, 

- manage nerves and pressure, 

- mental recovery from injuries, 

- stage fright management.